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M6 Group acquires CTZAR, a pioneer in influence marketing

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Le 19 septembre 2018


M6 Group has acquired a majority stake in CTZAR and its SOCIADDICT international network of over 15,000 influencers through its advertising sales house, M6 Publicité.

A pioneering agency in influence marketing founded by Thomas Silve and Camille Olivier, CTZAR has since 2008 been modelling influencer word-of-mouth as a new media outlet for brand communication.

Capitalising on this expertise, CTZAR creates and manages international influence campaigns for customers including major groups operating in sectors such as luxury goods, beauty, fashion, wines and spirits, high tech and the automotive industry.

CTZAR is enjoying exponential growth driven by an innovative multi-sector approach. Its unrivalled know-how is based on:

► Designing customised influence campaigns for brands: strategy, creative concept, high-affinity casting and measurement of results.

► The SOCIADDICT proprietary digital platform, which provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of CTZAR’s influencer database in order to manage campaign results in real time.

The new partnership will strengthen M6 Publicité’s footprint in the influence marketing sector and enhance its range of brand advertising solutions. CTZAR will be able to capitalise on M6 Group’s assets and strength in order to further boost its development and consolidate its leadership in this booming sector.

CTZAR + M6 Publicité - David Larramendy, Guillaume Charles, Camille Olivier, Thomas Silve et l'équipe CTZAR

“When we launched our first campaign 10 years ago, the word ‘Influencer’ didn’t exist. Influence is now playing an increasingly important and strategic role in advertising budgets. It allows advertisers to reach highly engaged audiences and generate content to feed their social and e-commerce platforms.”

Thomas Silve CTZAR Founder and CEO

“Today we cherish the ambition of turning influence into a new-generation type of media in order to enhance the efficiency of brand communication campaigns in France and worldwide. The strength of the M6 Group will allow us to take advantage of all the opportunities presented by this fast-growing market.”

Camille Olivier CTZAR Founder and Deputy CEO

“We are very happy to have forged ties with this team of entrepreneurs which whom we share the same values of innovation, quality and efficiency. CTZAR will enable us to expand our offering with regard to a strategic communications vector for our customers. We will harness all of our know-how and resources in order to drive their development.”

David Larramendy M6 Publicité CEO

M6 Group : Thibaut Devémy / +33(0)1 41 92 61 36 / thibaut.devemy@m6.fr
M6 Publicité : Thibault Ozil / +33(0)1 41 92 59 40 / thibault.ozil@m6.fr

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